Weeks 35 and 36

Dear visitors,

Here are the latest updates from the K2 classroom:

UOI-The students created Mind Maps in order to classify animals based on common characteristics. Here are some samples of their work.

Next, the students inquired into different interactions between animals and people. They read a non-fiction text about zoos through the ages. That was followed by the trip to our local aquarium in Times City. The students drew pictures of what they saw at the aquarium. They engaged in creating a zoo-keeper’s job advertisement (as part of out text type integration). The students also reflected on the trip in their Inquiry Journals, noting “One thing I liked about the trip” and “One thing I did not like about the trip”. See for yourselves!

Although we did not see the mermaids, the trip to the aquarium was enjoyed and educational for all!

The students continue to investigate the interactions between animals and people. They read books about “The Food We Eat”, “How Animals Help People Do Work”. The students looked into circus, and the way we use animals for entertainment.

The students were able to communicate their understandings so far by participating in a “Bloom’s Box” activity. They had to roll a dice with questions on each face, and provide an answer to the question rolled.

The inquiry will continue for the next two weeks.

Language- In the last two weeks during stand_a_lone language the students in K2 looked into alternative spellings of the “ue” sound and the “w” sound. Here are some samples:

During shared reading, the students rewrote the “Strega Nona” story.

Mathematics-During the last two weeks the students were engaged with measuring volume and capacity using non-standard units, as well as learning about measuring time (including reading time to the hour and ordering the days of the week). It has been an enjoyable hands on experience for everyone!

As part of the assessment, the students were asked to create paper chains. They order their paper chains prom the shortest to the longest and estimated how far the paper chains would reach if they put the together starting at the classroom door.

Here are some samples of the measurement of time learning engagements.

The students will explore the concept of duration of events in the next week.

All students in K2 were able to create a book titled “A week of my life”. They were required to order the days of the week and note events that happen on particular dates. Those books were added to the students’ portfolios.

Dates for the calendar:

June 15th, 2017– Art-et-Fact Event/ Please note that the students are required to wear black for the class’ performance. You will be getting official invitation by the school soon

June 16th, 2017– Last day of school for the Academic Year/ Reports go home/ Students leave school at 12:45PM

Dear parents, please check your e-mails for the latest updates and notices about the last two week of school!


Weeks 33 and 34

Here are the latest updates from the K 2 classroom.

UOI- The students started finding out about the characteristics of different animal groups through books and viewing videos. From “Classifying Animals” on http://www.braipopjr.com they found out about how scientists classify animals in different groups. The students explored different animals trough reading non-fiction books from a-z science. They watched a Magic School Bus movie about bats. After each learning engagement, the students recorded their findings in their Inquiry Journals. They were able to ask thoughtful questions like “How do butterflies know where to go when they fly South for the Winter?” Here are some photos and samples of students’ work.

Next week the students will create their own Mind Maps of Animal Groups. On Wednesday, the students will visit the Aquarium in Times City in relation to our second and third lines of inquiry.

Language-Throughout the unit the students will be exploring persuasive writing and discussion. They are learning about what is a fact and what is an opinion. The students in the class have already written two opinions: one about which animals have better lives the zoo animals or the pets, and another about birds making good pets. See for yourselves!

Mathematics-The inquiry into measurement continued with the students exploring mass. They engaged in hands-on activities like measuring mass by hefting, finding objects that have equal mass using balance scales, estimating mass, and using standard units (connecting cubes) to measure the mass of classroom objects like glue sticks, scissors and pencils.

The inquiry will continue with measuring capacity and time.

Last week we celebrated Ben’s 6th Birthday.


Dates for the calendar:

May 22-May 26, 2017- No ECAs due to Middle School Exams/Busses leave school at 3:10 pm

May 24, 2017- Class Trip to the Times City Aquarium

June 15, 2017 – Art-et-Fact event. Please, note that the students will be performing. They need to be dressed in black tops and black trousers, shorts, leggings and trainers.

June 16, 2017- Last Day of School / Half Day of School/Reports go home

Weeks 31 and 32

Here are the updates from the last two weeks.

UOI-Our last unit for this year is under the Transdisciplinary theme Sharing The Planet. The central idea is: The interactions of living things depend on varying contexts. The students will inquire about animal characteristics, perspectives on functions of animals, and our responsibility for the well-being of animals.

For a first time this year the students were introduced to an Inquiry Journal. They will be using the journal throughout the unit to record their findings. At the end of the unit, the students will self-assess their learning by going through the pages of their journals.

The students explored a Pet Vet set up in the classroom. They wrote what they know about animals and people on a Graffiti Wall and used a KWL chart to post some initial questions. Through shared reading, the students identified ways in which they could or have shown responsibility, as well as the Learner Profile Attribute Caring. Here are some photos.

Last Friday the students started the Finding out stage of the Inquiry Cycle. They identified the six characteristics of living things. Next, the students will be exploring the ways in which scientists classify animals and their characteristics.


Language-In connection to the Unit of Inquiry, the students will explore Discussion and Persuasive Writing. The first engagement focused on opinion. The students read “Eduard the Emu”. In the book, the emu is not happy with what he is and tries to be another animal for a day. The students tried to persuade Eduard to be an animal of their choice.

In Grammar, the students explored Verbs, as parts of speech. During Phonics, the students engaged with alternative spellings like i_e in kite, and a_e in cake. They continued to take part in shared and guided reading, as well as writing engagements like Weekend News.

Mathematics- The last Mathematics inquiry for this year is into Measurement. For the last week and a half, the students have been learning about measuring length. They explored the mathematical language used when describing length, measured objects using non standard tools, as well as used direct and indirect comparisons to describe length.

The students tried to answer who has the biggest feet in the class. They also measured their smiles!

Book Week- K2 students love to read! Here are some photos from the DEAR Time (drop everything and read) during book week.

The students in K2 are Balanced! From reading to swimming and celebrating, they enjoy everything they take part in. Here are some photos from the Swimming Gala and Ellie’s Birthday.

Dates for the calendar:

May 12, 2017 (Friday)– Half-Day for PYP students/PD Day for teachers

May 15- May 26, 2017- No ECAs due to Middle School exams

June 15, 2017 (Thursday) – ISV Art-et-Fact event/ The students will be performing. Please note the message sent last month about students being dressed in black for the event

June 16, 2017 (Friday)– Half-Day of school/ Last day for this Academic Year/ Reports go home

Weeks 29 and 30

Dear visitors,

Here are the last updates on the learning taking place in our classroom:

UOI- During week 29 the students learnt about beaches as public spaces. They shared some books and photos, as well as participated in reading workshop, where they had to find and assemble information about a topic. The students then wrote a Non-chronological report about beaches. After returning from April Break, the students completed the summative assessment task for the unit. They used another one of Tony Ryan’s Thinker Keys during the task. The BAR key stands for “Bigger, Add, and Replace”. The students worked with a partner, and were given a photo of a public space. They had to plan how to redraw the photo using the BAR key. The students were able to explain their thinking and the changes they made in light of their learning about public spaces and their purposes. I am very happy to report, that the students were able to demonstrate IB Learner Profile qualities through the task, like Thinkers and Open Minded, as well as Cooperation. Here are some photos to illustrate my comments.

Next week, the students in K2 will embark on their last Inquiry for the year under the Transdisciplinary Theme Sharing the Planet. A curriculum information letter will be e-mailed to the parents shortly.

Language-During Shared Reading the students continued to explore problems and solutions in stories, as well as different characters and their emotions. The last two books  the students really enjoyed were “Super worm” by Julia Donaldson and “Voices in the park” by Anthony Browne.

During writing engagements the students completed their last piece of Non-Chronological report about Public Spaces independently.

The students focused on short vowel sounds in the last weeks. They are going to continue the exploration and learn about short and long vowel sounds in the next few weeks.

Mathematics-The students in K2 were busy learning to name, describe and construct 3D shapes. They also learned how to use mathematical language in connection to positioning. For example: oven; under; on; in a front and behind.

This week we have welcomed two new students to our class. Gera from Russia and Linh from Vietnam!

Dates for the calendar:

April 24 to April 28, 2017– Book week at ISV/ Wednesday April 26th- Dress as your favourite book character day/ Wednesday to Friday- Book sale

April 27, 2017– Swimming Gala- For K2 the event runs from 11:10 to 12:00

April 29- May 2, 2017 – May Day Break

May 12, 2017– Early release day/ PD afternoon for teachers

Weeks 27 and 28

Dear visitors,

Here are the updates from the last two weeks:

UOI-The students continue to investigate parks as public spaces. They read fiction and non-fiction books about parks. After reading about Pocket parks, the students engage in designing their own models of pocket parks using clay. They were presented with an empty lot (cardboard) and had to create a model including the features/characteristics they have learnt about. Here are some photos of the designs.

The students went on an excursion to the Botanical Gardens in Hanoi to observe and collect data about the characteristics of real parks and the activities of people in parks. After the excursion, the students used Venn diagram to compare the real park they went to with photos of the most famous parks like Central Park in NYC.


The students engaged in investigating streets as public spaces. They went on a walk along the street outside the school to collect first hand observations. Back in the classroom, the students drew maps of the street. They compared the street outside the school with photos of the 10 most famous shopping streets in the world.

During the next two weeks the students will learn about beaches, their characteristics and the way people use them. They will discuss appropriate and inappropriate behaviour in public spaces, as well as complete the summative assessment task for this unit.

Language-The students complete writing two more non-chronological reports- one about parks and one about streets. They are able to sustain writing for quite a long time, as well as use their knowledge of writing sentences in their reports. Here are some examples:

The students continue to take part in Guided and Shared Reading Workshops. The focus for this week was identifying problems and solutions is stories, as well as story sequencing and settings.

Last week the students were introduced to plurals. They learnt about adding an “s” at the end of nouns to represent more than one, for example “cat” and “cats”.

Mathematics-The mathematics focus for the last two weeks was combining 2D shapes to make a new shape and looking at 3D shapes and their corresponding real-life objects.

In connection to the inquiry about Public Spaces, the students worked in groups on a three part Shape Mural. They created things out of 2D shapes you can see on the beach, in the ocean, and in the sky.


Student Led Conferences-Thank you for attending the SLC last Friday. The kids love sharing their learning with you!

Dates for the calendar:

April 5, 2017- Last day of school

April 6- April 16, 2017- Spring Break

April 17, 2017- First Day Back

April 28, 2017- Swimming Gala

April 29-May 2, 2017- May Day Break

Weeks 25 and 26

UOI- The students in K2 embarked on a new Inquiry Journey- this time about Public Spaces. The  Central Idea is Public spaces provide people with opportunities to connect. At the start of the inquiry the students were asked to sort pictures based on common characteristics. Here is how the students did it and samples of their classifications.




Next the students compared their posters and defined common categories.


After the students used Tony Ryan’s Alphabet Key to list as many words as possible connected to the common categories of park, beach, home, and street.


Next, the students unpacked the Central Idea, paraphrazing the sentence and defining the key words meaning. Here are some samples of their work:

Then, the students started to find out following the firs line of inquiry: Public spaces and their characteristics. They watched few videos on Youtube and engaged in reflecting: what is a public space, negative things in public spaces, what can people do in public spaces. Here are some photos.

One of the ways the students find out information is through reading books. They shared a book about city parks. The students worked on a graphic organiser to assemble information about what the girl in the book enjoyed doing in the park.

The students will continue finding out from books and videos. They will go on a trip to the Botanical gardens next week, where they will be collecting information about things they see in the park, as well as things people do there.

Language-Throughout this unit the students will be learning to write Non-Chronological Reports. The focus will be on writing reports about places. The students engaged in learning about the text type features by contributing to a class report about the K2′ classroom. Here are some photos and samples of students’ work.

During language earning engagements, the students continue to write recounts during Monday morning Weekend News, Engaged in Writing sentences activities, practiced blending initial sounds (Phonics), and continue practicing spelling words daily.

Mathematics-The students started inquiring into Shape and Space. For the first two weeks, they have engaged in learning to name, describe, sort and construct 2D shapes. Here are some pictures and samples from the Math workshop.

Dates for the calendar:

March 31, 2017- Student Led Conferences- No school for the students on that day/ The students attend the SLC with you/ Please book your time

April 6, 2017– April 16, 2017- Spring Break

April 17, 2017- First Day Back

April 28, 2017– Swimming Gala