Weeks 1 and 2

Dear visitors,

Welcome to our class’ website! Here you will find information about our learning journeys throughout this school year. The posts will be added every two weeks by me. When the students get familiar with the iPad application in the class, they will be able to add posts under their own tags. The aim of this posts is to keep you informed about what do students learn, how do they learn, as well as to give you inside through pictures and text, into daily life in K2. Students’ work will be published and shared too.

Let the journey begin…

UOI-The central idea of the first unit of inquiry under the Transdisciplinary Theme of Who We Are is: Friendships have an impact on our well-being. At the start the students drew portraits of their best friends. They shared them with the rest of the class and explained why do they think these are their best friends. Some of the reasons the students gave were: he/she plays with me; he runs fast; she is beautiful; and I like his hair. Here are some pictures:

The students realized that they did not know where some of their friends came from. They then looked at the World map and learnt about some countries locations and flags.



In the coming weeks the students will explore the concepts of friendship; cooperation; consequences  and actions.

Language- The central idea of the stand-alone language unit is: Learning how to read helps us connect with our community. The students are learning about letters and the sound-symbol relationships. They are introduced to a sound every day starting with s,a,t,i,p. Some of the learning engagements include: air writing; letter formation; blending; dictation and learning actions related to each sound.

The Text Form integration for this unit is Recounts and Narrative. Some of the learning outcomes include recount own experiences orally. The students engage in drawing pictures to recount events from their weekend, as well as reflecting on the past week in school.

Mathematics- The central idea for the unit in mathematics is: Patterns can help us understand how mathematics applies to the world in which we live. The students are learning to recognize, copy, describe and create patterns using manipulative and drawings. Here are some samples of students at works and samples of student work:

Here are some pictures of fun activities the students engaged in:

Dates for the calendar

August 29, 2016-Start of the first ESA session for this school year

September 2, 2016- No school

September 6, 2016-Welcome parents meeting starts at 3:00pm



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