Weeks 5 and 6

Dear visitors, here are the updates for the last two weeks:

UOI-During week 5 the students in the class explored texts (books), visual media (movies and PPTs) about Empathy. They ere able to reflect on what they experienced and organise their ideas in a T-chart with categories:actions that make people happy; actions that make people sad.

Based on pictures taken in the classroom during the last six weeks, the students tried to come up with a definition and examples of Cooperation. They used a Flower chart to organise their thoughts and ideas. Here is what they came up with.

Next the students completed the summative assessment task for the unit. They drew a picture of their friends in action. They explained why they think these are their friends and what they do together, as well as how do they feel about their friendships. It was noticeable how much the students’ thinking had changed. At the start of the unit doing the same activity the answers to the question “why is this your friend?” were “because he run s fast” or “she is beautiful”. Now the responses were “we share”, ” we talk”, and “we take turns” just to name a few. The students had an opportunity to reflect on the IB Learner Profile Attributes they have displayed throughout the unit. They chose best pieces of work for their portfolios.

Language-The students connoted to learn letter sounds during the last two weeks. They practice writing the corresponding letters to the sounds they hear. The students started learning about the Alphabet and it’s order. They started practice writing capital letters too.During the last two weeks, the children in K2 learnt how to play “CVC Word Spin” . For the Narrative and Recount text forms, they concentrated on identifying characters and problems in stories, as well as writing Weekend News on Monday and weekly reflection on Friday.

Mathematics-After learning to identify patterns, the students learnt how to sort and classify objects, as well as explain the bases for their classifications. They used manipulative, pictures and classroom objects in their practice.

For the summative assessment of this mathematics inquiry the students had to cut pattern pictures they found in newspapers and magazines. They had to categorise their patterns in groups and give the bases for their classifications.

K2 students joined in celebrating Sy Yeon’s birthday! They also celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival in the School.

Dates for the calendar:

Friday,September 30, 2016- Teacher Training 1/2 day -Students leave at 1:20pm

Tuesday, October 11, 2016- Parent-Techer Conferences for PYP. No school for PYP students. Please, book your time for conferences.

Saturday October 15-Tuesday, October 25, 2016- Autumn Break/ No School

Wednesday October 26, 2016-First day back


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