Weeks 7 and 8

Dear visitors, here are the updates for the last two weeks in the K2 classroom.

UOI-The new Unit of Inquiry is under the Transdisciplinary Theme How the World Works. The students will explore the concepts of change and reflection through the central idea : 

The Earth’s natural cycles influence the
 activity of living things. The lines of inquiry are as follows:

1.Weather patterns 2.Seasonal changes 3.Health and safety as related to the weather and seasons

 As a provocation the students read a book called “Darkness slipped in” by Ella Burfoot. They discussed the time of the day, and responded to an open-ended question “What if there was no Sun?” Next the students engaged in brainstorming and mimicking activities people do during the day and at night. They sorted their ideas into a Day and Night T-chart. Next, the students in K2 were asked to draw a diagram to explain their current understanding about how day and night happens. How does it work? The common misconception was that the Sun and the Moon change their places behind a cloud. That provided us with a starting point of the inquiry. We went into a Dark Den with a torch and a globe, and simulated the Earth’s rotation. The students then read non-fictiton books and were able to draw science diagrams to explain the Day and Night Cycle. Here are some photos of the students and samples of their work.


The inquiry will continue with observing weather, learning about weather patterns, jobs connected to weather and severe weather like hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards etc., in order to answer the question: what is weather?

Language-As our inquiry into phonics continued, the students continue to learn “a sound a day”. They started reading words, and simple decodable books. Their writing has improved due to daily practice. The students participate in different learning engagements like dictations, and games, practicing listening for, writing and reading sounds and words. Here are some photos to illustrate some examples.

Mathematics-The new stand alone inquiry in mathematics is under the Number strand. The students will be learning how to count to 100, as well as partition double digit numbers using place value. The pre assessment task involved the students working in groups to order number cards to fifty. The students were then asked to count the cards they have ordered. Through games, whole class learning engagements and individual work the students are working towards: counting numbers to fifty; drawing accurately the equivalent group of a number to fifty; reading and writing number names to eleven. Here are some samples of students’ work and learning engagements they took part in.

Last week we welcomed Ben from Vietnam to our class.



Dates for the diary:

October 11, 2016- Parent-Teacher Conferences- no school for the PYP students. Your scheduled time is posted in the Students’ Communication Books

October 15- October 25- Autumn Break

October 26, 2016- First day back

November 11, 2016- International Day


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