Weeks 9 and 10

Here are the updates for the last two weeks in the K2 classroom:

UOI-The key question the students had to answer was What is weather? They engaged in shared reading of non-fiction texts. As the language learning outcomes include writing a non-chronological report, the students are learning how to gather information about a topic and use a graphic organiser to note their findings. Here are some photos of learning engagements and samples of students’ work.

Next the students started observing the weather and recording their finding in their Weather Journals.

After learning about severe weather like tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, and sand storms, the students created their own paintings about severe weather. Here are some samples.

Apart from continuing recording weather in their weather journals, the students will be investigating Seasonal Changes starting next week.

Language-The students have completed the unit of Phonics. During week 9 they have learnt the last letter sounds. This week, they had a chance to demonstrate what they have learnt during the summative assessment task. The students wrote sounds they know. Then, they used a voice recording app to record the sounds they had written on their board. Some students even extended the activity with writing words they knew how to spell. Here are some photos.

Mathematics-The inquiry into numbers continued with counting, using the 100 chart to order numbers, modeling numbers to 100 using manipulative, drawings and modeling clay, as well as introduction to place value. Here are some samples and photos.

In the next few weeks the students will continue to practice using place value to partition two digid numbers. They will be learning about cardinal and ordinal numbers as well as subitizing.

Celebrations-Last week we celebrated Thanh An’s Birthday. We thank her family for sharing a cake with us!



We also celebrated Halloween. Thank you to all of you who had sent candy to school. I hope that it was not all eaten on the way home:) Look at our lovely costumes!

Dates for the Calendar:

November 11th, 2016- International Day

December 1oth, 2016- Christmas Bazaar

December 15th, 2016- Festival of Lights

December 17th, 2016- January 8th, 2017- Winter Break


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