Weeks 13 and 14

Here are the updates for the last two weeks in our class.

UOI- For the first days of week 13, the students completed the summative assessment task for the unit of How the World Works. The have created a book about the four seasons demonstrating knowledge about seasonal changes and weather patters, as well as writing skills (text form integration non-chronological report). The students worked hard to produce their own books. Here are some sample pages.

The new Unit of Inquiry is under the transdisciplinaty theme How We Organise Ourselves. The central idea is Transportation systems are related to the needs of the community. The students brought their favourite fluffy toy to school and organised a trip for the toy. They had to choose a destination, pack a bag, and choose to form a transport their toy is going to use. They shared the trip with the rest of the class. What fun that was!

Here are some samples of their trip plans,

Next, the students in K2 looked at the Central Idea for the unit. The understandings of word from the statement were discussed and explained.

Then, the students were introduced to mapping (some of the social studies outcomes). The students made a map of the classroom and some even took part in a map challenge.

The students then focused on the word community. They learnt about different communities and made dioramas of urban, suburban and rural communities. They had to demonstrated cooperation and communication skills in the process. 

Mathematics -The students in K2 are learning to collect, record and organise data. So far they have looked at using tall marks to record data and represent data using pictographs when one picture equals one value. K2 students conducted a survey about the students’ favourite colour. They then extended the survey including Ms Angela’s K2 class. Look at the pictographs the students created.

Language- The students continue to participate in reading and writing workshops as well as practicing spelling words and dictations. Reading is now organised in groups. We still work on phonics and learn about the importance of sentences in order to express ideas when speaking, reading and writing.

The holiday season is fast approaching, and the students are busy with decorating the halls. K2 students coloured some cone people (Santa, Snowmen, Elves, and Angeles). They have made raiders out of toilet rolls too!

Dates for the calendar:

November 30, 2016- Cross country run

December 10, 2016- Christmas Bazaar at ISV

December 15, 2016- Festival of Lights

December 17, 2016- January 8, 2017- Winter Break

January 9, 2017- First Day Back


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