Weeks 15 and 16

Here are the updates of the learning engagements for the last two weeks:

UOI-The students in K2 have been learning about means and modes of transport. They have engaged in a range of sorting and classifying activities.


After establishing the three modes of transport air, land, and water, the students started investigating each one of them in detail. They started with land transport. The students inquired into Rail, Road and Bicycles. They have created their own road and rail transportation system and mapped it!

See some examples below:

The students learnt about how cars are made and engaged in designing their own vehicle using play clay.

The students watched a movie about rail transport. Through the text form integration they explored a poem about trains. The students drew a picture about their favourite part.

Next the students read a poem about a taxi. They explored the rhythm  and repetition, as well as drew a picture about the poem.

The students in K2 inquired into the history of the bicycle. They put their creativity at work into designing a bicycle for ten people!

At the moment the students are learning about air transport. They watched a film about airplanes.

The inquiry will connote with exploring water transport and responsibilities involved in transportation.

Language-The students participate in language workshops regularly. They read, write and develop they vocabulary throughout the activities. Here are some pictures of the action as well as some samples of work.

Mathematics-The mathematics integration of this unit is data handling. The students in K2 conducted surveys to find out what kind of transport teachers and students in ISV use in order to get to school. They recorded the data using tally marks and learnt how to represent the data collected in a bar graph. The students did an amazing job!

Last week the students in K2 took part in the annual CrossCountry Run at ISV. They did their best. See some photos from the action.

Dates for the calendar:

December 10, 2016- ISV Christmas Bazaar (from 9am to 3pm)

December 15, 2016- Festival of Lights Celebration (1:30-2:30pm)

December 16,2016- Last day of school

December 17- January 8, 2017 – Christmas Break

January 9, 2017- First Day Back


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