Weeks 17 and 18

This is the first post after Winter break. It covers the last week before the holiday and the first week back.

UOI- The students continued to explore different modes of transport. They listen to a guest speaker talking about airplanes. She was a cabin crew staff for Gulf Air, and her husband is a pilot for Vietnam Airlines. How very interesting that was! The students got to wear a real pilots hat! Have a look at those wonderful photos.

We were all inspired and excited. We created and role-played an airport transportation system on the school’s playground. From the airport taxies, through the security check and check-in desk, to the airplane with the cabin crew. What fun that was!

The students read books about hot air balloons and learnt about airships.

Then it was time to explore the water transport. The students watched a documentary about one of the largest cruise ships “The Quantum of the sees”. They read books about the history of water travel. Although very young,just 5 and 6 years old, the students engaged in making Mind Maps about different modes of transport.

Following our lines of inquiry, the students explored different responsibilities involved in transportation systems, as well as what forms of transport should be developed depending on people’s needs and environments. Here are some samples.

The students did a fabulous job creating their own means of transportation out of junk materials.

Next week K2 is embarking on a new journey under the Transdisciplinary theme How We Express Ourselves. They will inquire into Signs and Symbols.

Mathematics-In the last two weeks the students inquired into Probability. They read a book to start with.


The students learnt about chance, terms like possible, impossible, likely and unlikely. At the end they have created a class book titled “In Kindergarten I might…”. Here are some pages of the book.

The next Mathematics inquiry starting next week is into Addition, Subtraction and Fractions.

Language-The students participate in language workshops regularly. The engagements include grammar, phonics, morning message and weekend news writing, reading and games. For a first time this week, the students in K2 had their Buddy class-Grade 3, coming for a buddy reading session. It was amazing to see how mature all the students were and how much everyone enjoyed the session.

Dates for the calendar:

January 25, 2017– Last day before TET Break, TET Assembly, Reports go home

February 6, 2017– First Day Back

February 10, 2017 (Friday)– Early finish

February 17, 2017 (Friday)– K2 Inquiry Journey, K2 and Grade 3 Assembly



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