Weeks 19 and 20

The last two weeks in our class marked the start of two new inquiries.

UOI-The unit of inquiry’s central idea is: Signs and Symbols facilitate communication. It is under the Transdisciplinary Theme How We Express Ourselves.

The students walked in the classroom to find their play areas sealed off. They wondered what it meant. The students wrote/ drew their ideas on paper and had a discussions about how they knew. Here are some photos of the provocation at the start of the inquiry.

After we established that what the students saw were signs, they set off to draw their own signs, communicating a message and reflecting on their features.

The students worked on developing understanding about the central idea. They generated inquiry questions working on a special questions matrix.

Then, the students entered the “finding out” stage of the inquiry process. One of the questions they posted was who makes the signs. The students watched a vides about the International Organisation of Standardisation, explaining the meaning of colours and shapes of signs used around the world. The K2 students communicated their understanding through creating mobiles.


That was followed by a “sign hunt” around ISV. The students discovered many signs in our own building!

The inquiry will continue for the next four weeks.

Mathematics-The second new inquiry in the class is under the Four Operations strand. The K2 students will learn about addition, subtraction and fractions. They started by reading one of our favourite math authors book called “Jump, kangaroo, jump!” The students tried to model the story as it was read to them.

Next, the students used counters to represent addition stories. They learned how to play “+1Bingo” and used dice to practice addition. The students in K2 are making their own addition and subtraction to 10 cards, to be able to recall math facts.



After revising the strategies the students used for adding and taking away numbers, the students were introduced to a new tool to help them solve mathematical problems- number line.

Language-The students participate daily in language workshops, focusing on listening and speaking, reading and writing. Every morning the students discuss images and photos as part of listening and speaking. They practice answering questions or expressing their thoughts using full sentences.

In Grammar focused lessons the students were introduced to Proper Nouns.

In writing, the students wrote weekend news and morning messages.

As part of the text form integration for this unit of inquiry, the students in K2 are learning to write instructions. They started with writing instructions about “How to make a toast bread with honey”. This was most probably the most enjoyable and savouring writing experience so far. See for yourself!

Dates for the calendar:

February 6, 2017- First day back after TET break

February 10, 2017- Early finish/PD Day for teachers

February 17, 2017- K2 Inquiry Journey and K2 and Grade 3 Assembly

February 24, 2017- Sports Day / Times to be announced later


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