Weeks 21 and 22

The students went back to work after a long TET break. Here is a sum up of the engagements during the last two weeks:

UOI-The inquiry into signs and symbols continued with the students brainstorming what makes a good sign. After establishing that good signs have colours, pictures, and communicate a message, the students made signs to accompany the whole school rules, because some of the younger grades do not know how to read yet! See the students working…

…and the results were remarkable!

Then the students took action by placing the signs around the school, not without the help of a funny video about Tony, that use to place signs in the most inappropriate places.

As the students used some symbols in their signs, next they learnt about what is a symbol. Luckily it was Valentine’s Day! The students looked at Valentine’s Day symbols like: heart; cupid; red roses. They established that a symbol is a picture that connects to an idea. It is something that you can not touch!

In the next two weeks the students will investigate specialised forms of communication, and try to answer how signs and symbols help us to communicate.

Language-The students continue to learn about writing instructions. They emphasised on specific words we use when we give instructions as well as building good sentences. They wrote instructions about “How to wash your hands” and “How to get ready for snack”. In addition to that, the students continue to write recounts, learn about phonics and read. Last week the students were introduced to story setting after reading Julia Donaldson’s book “Room on the Broom”. Here are some photos of students at work and some samples of students’ work.

Mathematics-The inquiry into addition and subtraction continued with the students working on addition using a number line, subtraction using a number line, and learning how to play different math games independently. Math workshops are always full of action and fun!

The students will be introduced to fractions as part of a whole, and as part of a set in the next two weeks.

Last week the students worked hard during assembly rehearsals. They sang two songs and presented one of their mathematics inquiries. Well done to all for doing their best to present the class during the joined Grade 3 and K2 Assembly!


Before the Assembly the K2 students hosted the parents for their Inquiry Journey. Here are some photos from the classroom.

Guess what? Last week we celebrated Sora’s sixth birthday as well as the 100th Day of school. We had a cake.

Dates for the calendar:

February 24, 2017- Annual Sports Day-The timing for K2 is from 8:45 to 10:40 am

March 31, 2017- Student Led Conferences (no school on that day) Watch for more information about booking times

April 6 to April 16, 2017 Spring Break


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