Weeks 23 and 24

During the last two weeks the students in the class displayed what it means to be Balanced. They worked hard in the classroom and did their best on the field during the annual Sports Day. Here are some highlights of the engagements the students took part in:

UOI-The students continue to explore and develop understanding about signs and symbols. After reading a book about knights in ancient times, they created their personal coat of arms using symbols that best represent themselves. With the help of a graphic organiser, the students listed their favourite place, colour, animal and activity. Then, they used a template to create their own coat of arms.

The students created a T-Chart, and posted their notes under “what is a sign” and “what is a symbol”.


Their knowledge about signs and symbols, helped the students to find signs and symbols in printed materials. They were able to classify them in groups.

Following the third line of inquiry, the students explored sign language and Braille Alphabet as specialised forms of communication. They learnt how to sing some songs in sign language, and wrote their names in Braille.

At the end of the unit the students thought about “What a world without signs and symbols would look like, sound like, and feel like?” They made signs again, this time communicating a message they thought to be important, choosing their own, colours, shapes, lines, symbols, etc.

After completing the end of unit reflections, the students chose work for their portfolios.

Next week the students in K2 will embark on a new inquiry journey into Public spaces, as part of the Transdisciplinary theme Where We Are In Place and Time.

Language- In the last two weeks the students continue writing instructions as part of the unit’s text type integration. The students applied their knowledge of structure and language when writing instructions to write: How to play +1 Bingo; and How to make a good sign. Although in the pre-writing stage of development appropriate for this age, the students produced very good pieces of writing.

During shared and group guided reading, the students explored and identified different story settings.

Every Monday the students are presented with a list of spelling words. In the classroom they do a daily spelling practice following the look, say, cover, write, and check routine. The same spelling list features on Spelling City for weekly homework.

Mathematics- The inquiry into calculations continued with exploration of fractions. The students learnt about dividing a whole and a set of objects into equal parts. They were introduced and practiced the use of mathematical language when solving real life problems involving fractions for example one-half, a third, and a fourth.

During the summative assessment the students had to work in groups. The task involved sharing a picnic basket, and solving a problem about what if another group joins your picnic. The students were very enthusiastic about the task. They were able to display problem-solving skills and cooperation throughout.

In the next six weeks the students in K2 will explore into shapes and positioning.

The ISV’s sports day was full of action. The students in the class took part of many different activities like: soccer shoot out; obstacle course and running races, just to name a few. See for yourselves!

Dates for the calendar:

March 31, 2017/Friday- Student Led Conferences- No school for students on that day

April 6- April 16, 2017- Spring Break

April 28, 2017-Swimming Gala


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