Weeks 25 and 26

UOI- The students in K2 embarked on a new Inquiry Journey- this time about Public Spaces. The  Central Idea is Public spaces provide people with opportunities to connect. At the start of the inquiry the students were asked to sort pictures based on common characteristics. Here is how the students did it and samples of their classifications.




Next the students compared their posters and defined common categories.


After the students used Tony Ryan’s Alphabet Key to list as many words as possible connected to the common categories of park, beach, home, and street.


Next, the students unpacked the Central Idea, paraphrazing the sentence and defining the key words meaning. Here are some samples of their work:

Then, the students started to find out following the firs line of inquiry: Public spaces and their characteristics. They watched few videos on Youtube and engaged in reflecting: what is a public space, negative things in public spaces, what can people do in public spaces. Here are some photos.

One of the ways the students find out information is through reading books. They shared a book about city parks. The students worked on a graphic organiser to assemble information about what the girl in the book enjoyed doing in the park.

The students will continue finding out from books and videos. They will go on a trip to the Botanical gardens next week, where they will be collecting information about things they see in the park, as well as things people do there.

Language-Throughout this unit the students will be learning to write Non-Chronological Reports. The focus will be on writing reports about places. The students engaged in learning about the text type features by contributing to a class report about the K2′ classroom. Here are some photos and samples of students’ work.

During language earning engagements, the students continue to write recounts during Monday morning Weekend News, Engaged in Writing sentences activities, practiced blending initial sounds (Phonics), and continue practicing spelling words daily.

Mathematics-The students started inquiring into Shape and Space. For the first two weeks, they have engaged in learning to name, describe, sort and construct 2D shapes. Here are some pictures and samples from the Math workshop.

Dates for the calendar:

March 31, 2017- Student Led Conferences- No school for the students on that day/ The students attend the SLC with you/ Please book your time

April 6, 2017– April 16, 2017- Spring Break

April 17, 2017- First Day Back

April 28, 2017– Swimming Gala


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