Weeks 27 and 28

Dear visitors,

Here are the updates from the last two weeks:

UOI-The students continue to investigate parks as public spaces. They read fiction and non-fiction books about parks. After reading about Pocket parks, the students engage in designing their own models of pocket parks using clay. They were presented with an empty lot (cardboard) and had to create a model including the features/characteristics they have learnt about. Here are some photos of the designs.

The students went on an excursion to the Botanical Gardens in Hanoi to observe and collect data about the characteristics of real parks and the activities of people in parks. After the excursion, the students used Venn diagram to compare the real park they went to with photos of the most famous parks like Central Park in NYC.


The students engaged in investigating streets as public spaces. They went on a walk along the street outside the school to collect first hand observations. Back in the classroom, the students drew maps of the street. They compared the street outside the school with photos of the 10 most famous shopping streets in the world.

During the next two weeks the students will learn about beaches, their characteristics and the way people use them. They will discuss appropriate and inappropriate behaviour in public spaces, as well as complete the summative assessment task for this unit.

Language-The students complete writing two more non-chronological reports- one about parks and one about streets. They are able to sustain writing for quite a long time, as well as use their knowledge of writing sentences in their reports. Here are some examples:

The students continue to take part in Guided and Shared Reading Workshops. The focus for this week was identifying problems and solutions is stories, as well as story sequencing and settings.

Last week the students were introduced to plurals. They learnt about adding an “s” at the end of nouns to represent more than one, for example “cat” and “cats”.

Mathematics-The mathematics focus for the last two weeks was combining 2D shapes to make a new shape and looking at 3D shapes and their corresponding real-life objects.

In connection to the inquiry about Public Spaces, the students worked in groups on a three part Shape Mural. They created things out of 2D shapes you can see on the beach, in the ocean, and in the sky.


Student Led Conferences-Thank you for attending the SLC last Friday. The kids love sharing their learning with you!

Dates for the calendar:

April 5, 2017- Last day of school

April 6- April 16, 2017- Spring Break

April 17, 2017- First Day Back

April 28, 2017- Swimming Gala

April 29-May 2, 2017- May Day Break


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