Weeks 29 and 30

Dear visitors,

Here are the last updates on the learning taking place in our classroom:

UOI- During week 29 the students learnt about beaches as public spaces. They shared some books and photos, as well as participated in reading workshop, where they had to find and assemble information about a topic. The students then wrote a Non-chronological report about beaches. After returning from April Break, the students completed the summative assessment task for the unit. They used another one of Tony Ryan’s Thinker Keys during the task. The BAR key stands for “Bigger, Add, and Replace”. The students worked with a partner, and were given a photo of a public space. They had to plan how to redraw the photo using the BAR key. The students were able to explain their thinking and the changes they made in light of their learning about public spaces and their purposes. I am very happy to report, that the students were able to demonstrate IB Learner Profile qualities through the task, like Thinkers and Open Minded, as well as Cooperation. Here are some photos to illustrate my comments.

Next week, the students in K2 will embark on their last Inquiry for the year under the Transdisciplinary Theme Sharing the Planet. A curriculum information letter will be e-mailed to the parents shortly.

Language-During Shared Reading the students continued to explore problems and solutions in stories, as well as different characters and their emotions. The last two books  the students really enjoyed were “Super worm” by Julia Donaldson and “Voices in the park” by Anthony Browne.

During writing engagements the students completed their last piece of Non-Chronological report about Public Spaces independently.

The students focused on short vowel sounds in the last weeks. They are going to continue the exploration and learn about short and long vowel sounds in the next few weeks.

Mathematics-The students in K2 were busy learning to name, describe and construct 3D shapes. They also learned how to use mathematical language in connection to positioning. For example: oven; under; on; in a front and behind.

This week we have welcomed two new students to our class. Gera from Russia and Linh from Vietnam!

Dates for the calendar:

April 24 to April 28, 2017– Book week at ISV/ Wednesday April 26th- Dress as your favourite book character day/ Wednesday to Friday- Book sale

April 27, 2017– Swimming Gala- For K2 the event runs from 11:10 to 12:00

April 29- May 2, 2017 – May Day Break

May 12, 2017– Early release day/ PD afternoon for teachers


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