Weeks 31 and 32

Here are the updates from the last two weeks.

UOI-Our last unit for this year is under the Transdisciplinary theme Sharing The Planet. The central idea is: The interactions of living things depend on varying contexts. The students will inquire about animal characteristics, perspectives on functions of animals, and our responsibility for the well-being of animals.

For a first time this year the students were introduced to an Inquiry Journal. They will be using the journal throughout the unit to record their findings. At the end of the unit, the students will self-assess their learning by going through the pages of their journals.

The students explored a Pet Vet set up in the classroom. They wrote what they know about animals and people on a Graffiti Wall and used a KWL chart to post some initial questions. Through shared reading, the students identified ways in which they could or have shown responsibility, as well as the Learner Profile Attribute Caring. Here are some photos.

Last Friday the students started the Finding out stage of the Inquiry Cycle. They identified the six characteristics of living things. Next, the students will be exploring the ways in which scientists classify animals and their characteristics.


Language-In connection to the Unit of Inquiry, the students will explore Discussion and Persuasive Writing. The first engagement focused on opinion. The students read “Eduard the Emu”. In the book, the emu is not happy with what he is and tries to be another animal for a day. The students tried to persuade Eduard to be an animal of their choice.

In Grammar, the students explored Verbs, as parts of speech. During Phonics, the students engaged with alternative spellings like i_e in kite, and a_e in cake. They continued to take part in shared and guided reading, as well as writing engagements like Weekend News.

Mathematics- The last Mathematics inquiry for this year is into Measurement. For the last week and a half, the students have been learning about measuring length. They explored the mathematical language used when describing length, measured objects using non standard tools, as well as used direct and indirect comparisons to describe length.

The students tried to answer who has the biggest feet in the class. They also measured their smiles!

Book Week- K2 students love to read! Here are some photos from the DEAR Time (drop everything and read) during book week.

The students in K2 are Balanced! From reading to swimming and celebrating, they enjoy everything they take part in. Here are some photos from the Swimming Gala and Ellie’s Birthday.

Dates for the calendar:

May 12, 2017 (Friday)– Half-Day for PYP students/PD Day for teachers

May 15- May 26, 2017- No ECAs due to Middle School exams

June 15, 2017 (Thursday) – ISV Art-et-Fact event/ The students will be performing. Please note the message sent last month about students being dressed in black for the event

June 16, 2017 (Friday)– Half-Day of school/ Last day for this Academic Year/ Reports go home


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