Weeks 33 and 34

Here are the latest updates from the K 2 classroom.

UOI- The students started finding out about the characteristics of different animal groups through books and viewing videos. From “Classifying Animals” on http://www.braipopjr.com they found out about how scientists classify animals in different groups. The students explored different animals trough reading non-fiction books from a-z science. They watched a Magic School Bus movie about bats. After each learning engagement, the students recorded their findings in their Inquiry Journals. They were able to ask thoughtful questions like “How do butterflies know where to go when they fly South for the Winter?” Here are some photos and samples of students’ work.

Next week the students will create their own Mind Maps of Animal Groups. On Wednesday, the students will visit the Aquarium in Times City in relation to our second and third lines of inquiry.

Language-Throughout the unit the students will be exploring persuasive writing and discussion. They are learning about what is a fact and what is an opinion. The students in the class have already written two opinions: one about which animals have better lives the zoo animals or the pets, and another about birds making good pets. See for yourselves!

Mathematics-The inquiry into measurement continued with the students exploring mass. They engaged in hands-on activities like measuring mass by hefting, finding objects that have equal mass using balance scales, estimating mass, and using standard units (connecting cubes) to measure the mass of classroom objects like glue sticks, scissors and pencils.

The inquiry will continue with measuring capacity and time.

Last week we celebrated Ben’s 6th Birthday.


Dates for the calendar:

May 22-May 26, 2017- No ECAs due to Middle School Exams/Busses leave school at 3:10 pm

May 24, 2017- Class Trip to the Times City Aquarium

June 15, 2017 – Art-et-Fact event. Please, note that the students will be performing. They need to be dressed in black tops and black trousers, shorts, leggings and trainers.

June 16, 2017- Last Day of School / Half Day of School/Reports go home


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