Weeks 35 and 36

Dear visitors,

Here are the latest updates from the K2 classroom:

UOI-The students created Mind Maps in order to classify animals based on common characteristics. Here are some samples of their work.

Next, the students inquired into different interactions between animals and people. They read a non-fiction text about zoos through the ages. That was followed by the trip to our local aquarium in Times City. The students drew pictures of what they saw at the aquarium. They engaged in creating a zoo-keeper’s job advertisement (as part of out text type integration). The students also reflected on the trip in their Inquiry Journals, noting “One thing I liked about the trip” and “One thing I did not like about the trip”. See for yourselves!

Although we did not see the mermaids, the trip to the aquarium was enjoyed and educational for all!

The students continue to investigate the interactions between animals and people. They read books about “The Food We Eat”, “How Animals Help People Do Work”. The students looked into circus, and the way we use animals for entertainment.

The students were able to communicate their understandings so far by participating in a “Bloom’s Box” activity. They had to roll a dice with questions on each face, and provide an answer to the question rolled.

The inquiry will continue for the next two weeks.

Language- In the last two weeks during stand_a_lone language the students in K2 looked into alternative spellings of the “ue” sound and the “w” sound. Here are some samples:

During shared reading, the students rewrote the “Strega Nona” story.

Mathematics-During the last two weeks the students were engaged with measuring volume and capacity using non-standard units, as well as learning about measuring time (including reading time to the hour and ordering the days of the week). It has been an enjoyable hands on experience for everyone!

As part of the assessment, the students were asked to create paper chains. They order their paper chains prom the shortest to the longest and estimated how far the paper chains would reach if they put the together starting at the classroom door.

Here are some samples of the measurement of time learning engagements.

The students will explore the concept of duration of events in the next week.

All students in K2 were able to create a book titled “A week of my life”. They were required to order the days of the week and note events that happen on particular dates. Those books were added to the students’ portfolios.

Dates for the calendar:

June 15th, 2017– Art-et-Fact Event/ Please note that the students are required to wear black for the class’ performance. You will be getting official invitation by the school soon

June 16th, 2017– Last day of school for the Academic Year/ Reports go home/ Students leave school at 12:45PM

Dear parents, please check your e-mails for the latest updates and notices about the last two week of school!


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