Weeks 11 and 12

Dear visitors,

here are the updates for the last two weeks:

UOI-After investigating weather patterns, the students inquired about the four seasons. They watched the series on Brainpopjr.com about Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer. After each episode, the students synthesised what they have learnt on a colour coordinated posters. They have complete different activities in relation to each season. Here are some photos

The students consolidated their knowledge about the seasons and how the seasons affect hutment activities by: sorting photos of different seasons; dressing a Teddy bear for a season of their choice; creating posters to promote safety throughout the seasons; creating a mind map with the question “What if there was no sun?”.


On Monday and Tuesday next week, the students will complete the summative assessment task for the unit. They will be creating their own books about the seasons.

Language-During language workshops, the students were introduced to some new routines. They started writing morning messages, learning how to write sentences based on picture prompts, as well as reviewing their knowledge about letter sounds. Here are some samples of the above activities.

Mathematics-The students continue working on place value. They used manipulatives and place value mats to partition two digit numbers. The students in K2 are learning how to log in their IXL personal accounts to practice mathematics skills. They went on a car-race to establish why do we use ordinal numbers. The students used 10 frames to learn and practice subtilising. They also learnt how to play Dice Bingo, Count the Dots, and Dominos. It was a great fun! See for yourself!

The students completed the summative assessment task for the unit of Place Value. During the next unit of inquiry they will be learning about collecting and organising data in mathematics.

Last week we welcomed Sun Gyu to our class. 



International Day at ISV

Today we celebrated the annual ISV International Day. It was lovely to see all the parents that were present to mark the day along with students and staff. I would like to thank Ellie’s mom for coming to the classroom and reading a lovely Korean book to the kids. Although it was a tiring day, the students enjoyed wearing their national costumes, as well as trying some different food! Thanks to all of you for getting involved!

Dates for the calendar:

Wednesday, November 30, 2016- Cross Country

Saturday, December 10, 2016- Christmas Bazaar at ISV

Thursday, December 15, 2016- Festival of Lights

December 17 to January 8, 2017- Christmas Break

January 9, 2017- First day back


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